Behind every race entrant is the support crew that makes it happen

Support Crews

Support Crews are an integral part of our sport - they're just as important as our racing members.

Each racing boat (duo or solo driver) must have a Support Crew of at least one (1) adult person, if specified in the Supplementary Rules of an Event. It is the responsibility of the Racing Member to ensure they have a compliant Support Crew prior to entering a race.

The role of a Support Crew is to meet at each check-point to ensure their boat passes through undamaged and that the driver and/or co-driver is free of injury. If the boat does not pass through the check-point, the Support Crew is responsible for tracking down the boat and ensuring the Team can continue racing. It is the Support Crew's responsibility to provide any required items to the boat, such as spare parts and fuel as needed.

It is important to note that the Support Crew vehicle cannot be a motorcyle - it must be a practical vehicle that can transport parts and as well as other necessary items for the boat and must also display the vessel number that it is supporting. You do not have to be a member of the WCDRC in order to be part of a Support Crew. The support crew should have a minumum of a A4 size of the boat number they are supporting clealy visable on the right hand side of their car. 

When performing Support Crew duties, proper footware must be worn (no thongs or high heels) and  we advise you to wear clothes that are easy to move in. Shorts, a WCDRC polo shirt & enclosed shoes would be a good example of appropriate clothes to wear.

If you have any questions about Support Crews please contact us.