Your South West Dinghy racing club

Are you an adrenaline junkie looking for your next rush? Has it been a dream of yours to compete in the Avon Descent or other river races? Or do you prefer to sit on the sidelines and enjoy the great social atmosphere that only a sport this thrilling could bring?

Would like to be part of a club in the South West rather than metropolitan Perth, we are your south west dinghy racing club based in Bunbury Western Australia with members all over the south west.

Imagine navigating your way through shallow waters and narrow tree-lined rivers at a cool 70km/hr. Your face just centimetres from the water's surface while you and your driver do your best to steer the boat through rocky rapids and challenging log and root infested waters, knowing that picking the wrong line or one false move could flip the boat. Imagine the thrill you will feel when the starting gun sounds, the engine is ripped into life and you get up on the plain and get moving. The excitement that would rush through you as you head out down a straight and reach top speed. Picture all the spectators faces and cheers as you reach the finishing point, then having a nice cold drink while reliving highlights of the race with everyone around you. 


As physically and mentally challenging as Power Dinghy Racing is, we love it. It's our passion that has brought us together and keeps us driven. And we know you'll love it too. So why not come down to watch our next race? The pages in this section will guide you on how to get involved with the WCDRC, but if you have any other questions, please get in touch.