Nannup Valley Sprint

06 July 2014

West Coast Dinghy Racing Club of Western Australia (Inc)

Nannup Valley Sprint

6th July 2014


1.         The Nannup Valley Sprint is a 99 kilometres, one day sprint on the Blackwood River from Nannup to Sue’s Bridge.

2.         The Nannup Valley Sprint is a closed event conducted under the Competition Rules of the West Coast Dinghy Racing Club of WA.

3.         The Race Director may make a ruling on any matter not specifically covered by the Competition Rules or these Supplementary Regulations.

4.         The Nannup Valley Sprint is Round 6 of the West Coast Dinghy State Championships. It is a qualifying event for the Avon Descent and the KT Classic.


RACE DIRECTOR                         Kim Bolvary

SCRUTINEER                                 Greg Lee Steere

TIMEKEEPER                                 Christine Lee Steere/Karen Russel




The following information is intended as a guide only for competitors, support crew and spectators.  As the conditions are often dependent on water levels, the Organisers accept no responsibility for the correlation of the descriptions and the actual conditions encountered.


The section of the river used for the Nannup Valley Sprint is between Nannup and Sues Bridge (the same course as Day Two of the KT Classic).  The distance is approximately 92 kilometres of long pools interrupted by tee trees, bridges, fallen logs and minor rapids.



1.  There are three classes of entry:

                  15 H.P. Sports

                  15 H.P. Standard

                  10 H.P. Sports



1.         All entries must be made on the Official Entry Form; this is the new electronic type that Karen Russel has set up.

2.             The Entry Fee of $90 per Power Dinghy must accompany all entries.

3.         Entries close 5.00pm on Saturday.  A late entry/scrutineering fee of $25 applies to competitors not entered by this time unless alternative arrangements have been made with the Race Organiser.



1.         There shall be two (2) competitors in each Power Dinghy who may not be substituted throughout the Nannup Valley Sprint.  Should the team as entered need to be changed for any reason the Race Director must be notified and his approval gained before Nannup Valley Sprint commences.

2.         No competitor shall act in as manner detrimental to the performance of another competitor (e.g. no deliberate ramming of craft, etc.).

3.         Each competitor must be a current financial member and the holder of the appropriate grade of Competition Licence for the Class and there RST Licence in which they have entered.

4.         By submission of the Official Entry Form it is considered that competitors are aware of the potentially dangerous nature of the course, acquainted with the rules of the Nannup Valley Sprint and are medically fit.


1.         Each competitor must produce their Competition Licence and RST when their Team is registered at the Start position, Nannup Tourist Caravan Park.


1.         The Briefing will be held at Nannup Tourist Caravan Park at 6.00pm Saturday.

2.         At least one competitor and one member of the Support Crew must attend the briefings and record their attendance.

3.         Failure to attend the briefing will result in a non-start.

4.         Should the water levels change the start place, time and procedures may be modified.  If so, this will be announced at the Briefing.

5.         Amended Checkpoints Cut off Times may also be announced at the Briefing

Pre-Race Scrutineering

1.         Pre-Race Scrutineering will be held at the Start position, Nannup Tourist Caravan Park on Saturday starting from 3.30pm.  Craft must be presented for Scrutineering prior to 5.00pm on Saturday unless other arrangements are made with the Race Director or Scrutineer.

2.         Please ensure that your Power Dinghy is presented upright and rigged for racing.

3.         Motors are required to be presented at Pre Race Scrutineering.

4.         All competitors must produce a current Competition Licence.  It is your responsibility to ensure that your Licence is current.




1.         The Nannup Valley Sprint will start at Nannup Tourist Caravan Park.





10hp Sports

8.30 a.m.

As per Ranking

15hp Standard

Follow on

As per Ranking

15hp Sports

Follow on.

As per Ranking





2.         One Team will start every fifteen 30 seconds.

3.         The motor shall not be started until the Power Dinghy is completely in the water and the propeller submersed.

4.         Competitors who, for whatever reason, fail to start at their officially nominated start time may start at any time after that time but will be recorded as having started at the officially nominated start time.


1.         Teams will be ranked according to the number of West Coast Dinghy Racing Club State Championship points they hold (Driver and Co-Driver points combined) from the previous year.

2.         In the case where two or more Teams have an equal number of points (or no points) the start positions will be decided by a ballot.


1.         Practice is not allowed on the river as only Sunday has been allocated to the WCDRC.

Portaging and Illegal Assistance

1.         Portaging of craft by competitors only is permitted provided this exercise does not deviate more than 100 metres from the river proper.

2.         Competitors must not accept assistance from the public or from any Support Crew that causes their Power Dinghy to be taken nearer the finish.

3.         No device to assist in portaging may be used unless it is carried in the Power Dinghy throughout race.

4.         Competitors must assist other competitors in an emergency situation.  Competitors may assist other competitors at any time but may only claim for time lost in providing assistance in an emergency situation (see also Time Claims).

Time Claims

1.         Claims for time lost in assisting other competitors will only be considered if the other competitors were in danger (this does not include mechanical breakdown, fuel shortage, lost support crew, etc.).  Claims of this nature must be verified by the competitors assisted.  A decision on whether or not to accept a time claim will be made by the Race Director whose decision is final and not subject to Protest.


1.         Refuelling may take place at Jalbarragup only.

2.         Fuel tanks may be swapped only.  No decanting of fuel.

3.         The Power Dinghy must be fully removed from the water before the fuel tank is swapped.


Replacement Parts

1.             Any part of the motor, except the Power Head, may be replaced during the Event.


1.         A Sweep Boat will cover the entire course.

2.         A Team that withdraws from the Nannup Valley Sprint must report to an Official at the Finish as soon as practicable and advise the Race Director and the Time Keeper.

3.         Failure to report Withdrawal is a serious breach of the Competition Rules that may cause undue stress and worry for Officials and Recovery Teams and may result in an unnecessary search.  If you withdraw from the Nannup Valley Sprint, DO NOT just pack up your rig and go home!

4.         A Team withdrawing from the Nannup Valley Sprint should paddle their Power Dinghy to the next checkpoint if possible, or head for the LEFT BANK ONLY and at least one person stay with the Power Dinghy.  You will be towed by the Sweep Boat to the next Checkpoint.

Post- Race Scrutineering

1.         All provisional place winning craft will be impounded for Scrutineering at the Finish immediately they complete the Nannup Valley Sprint.


1.         A Team must complete the entire distance on the water to be a legitimate finisher.

2.         Provisional results will be announced within one hour of the last craft completing the course.

3.         Results will be declared after the completions of Post-Race Scrutineering and after all Protests and Appeals have been heard.


1.         Each Team shall have a support crew of at least one adult person.

2.         The Support Crew of a Team need not necessarily be Members of the West Coast Dinghy Racing Club.

3.         The Support Crew vehicle shall display the number of the Power Dinghy it is supporting.

4.         Motorbikes shall not be used for Support Crew vehicles.

5.         Each member of the Support Crew shall make themselves acquainted with the Competition Rules and with the Supplementary Regulations contained within this document.

6.         A map of the course will be available at Registration.







Kilometres between Checkpoints

Kilometres from Start

Cut-Off Time

Start - Nannup

Jalbarragup Bridge





Jalbarragup Bridge

Darradup Bridge

Longbottom Rd.





Darradup Bridge

Longbottom Rd

Milyeannup Ford

Brockman H’way





Milyeannup Ford

Brockman H’way

Laymans Flat

Layman Rd off Denny Rd





Laymans Flat

Layman Rd off Denny Rd

Punch Road

Off Denny Rd





Punch Road

Off Denny Rd

Finish – Sues Bridge






1.         Checkpoints will be staffed by the South West 4x4 Club (TBA) personnel who are trained.  They will be in radio communication with the Police and Ambulance services.

2.         Checkpoints will be identified on the water by red buoys.  On land the Checkpoints will be signposted off the nearest main road.

3.         A Checkpoint Cut off Time may be changed by the Race Director if he deems that the safety of a competitor may be at risk.


1.             The venue of the Presentation of Prizes and Trophies will be announced at the Briefing.