Jet Track Mania

14 April 2013

This unique event is to be held at Bonnies Water Ski Park, St Albans Road, Baldivis and will be a unique course on the Jet Sprint Track.
Taking off in front of the pit area, racers will complete a full lap, followed by a figure 8 pattern, ending with a full lap of the course in ankle to knee deep water.
The sharp cornering and shallow water will test competitors of all experience levels, and test their skills as a team. It will provide a great practice environment for new teams and competitors.



Each team had 5 heats to record their fastest lap time - no team came out unscathed! Boat 181 is current leader in the best stack of 2013 award!

10hp Sports Class

1st Place - 010 107:34

2nd Place - 039 119:89

3rd Place - 173 123:83


10hp Standard Class

1st Place - 072 127:39

2nd Place - 181 127:75

3rd Place - 234 140:41


In 2014, we will be calculating race results differently. All teams will race 5 heats, however it will be your AVERAGE time that will be recorded as your race result. This could mean a simple clip of the tyres, could cost you the event!