Important News - AvonTracker

Reminder that each class has different colour requirements for your race numbers!


- Be on a painted cerise pink background or cerise pink Fuji Ca 12 long term adhesive vinyl or Management Committee approved equivalent


10hp Standard

- Be on a painted white background or white Fuji Ca 12 long term adhesive vinyl or Management Committee approved equivalent


 10hp Super Standard

- Be on a painted light sky blue background or light sky blue Fuji Ca 12 long term adhesive vinyl or Management Committee approved equivalent


10hp Sports

- Be on a painted yellow background or yellow Fuji Ca 12 long term adhesive vinyl or Management Committee approved equivalent 


From NADA (10/06/2016):

"The AvonTracker is officially launched now on the Android Play Store and the Apple App Store and is ready for download.

If you want to download it and have a play, this would be stellar.

Any feedback is good feedback. If you have any ideas on what else you would like to see, time pending it could possibly happen before the event.

Give it a spin, and maybe even use it when you are out in your craft next or in a seeding race, Give your support crew the web address below and they can see you in the fleet.

Make sure you enter your craft number when it asks so your support crews can find you on the above site.

The Legend is as such on the website:

 Your Craft
 Power Craft
 Paddle Craft

Note: As most of you would know the craft ID ranges in the AD, so anything under 300 is a Power craft anything over is paddle.

It goes without saying that you will need to put your mobile device into a Waterproof container or dri-dock when out on the water. (it also works on land too)


Quick Run down:

When asked to use GPS data, you must click yes or allow, or it simply wont work.

The app its self is made to be as basic as possible. You will need to turn the tracking on (when you want it) by using the toggle at the top right of the screen. If the toggle is off, there is no GPS information being send to the server.

The Green button at the bottom right will display your history path when you are tracking, when you turn it on it will go red and you will see your history.

In the settings you will need to set your Race ID as well as your Support crews phone number. Without this you will just be a blank dot, and your support teams will be able to find you.

The messaging to your support crew will send a link to google maps with your current GPS position via SMS. This will help your support crews find you if you need urgent help. Note: that your team can follow you on the website anyway so this is for emergency.

The message to the ADSU will also send your GPS info to key stakeholders, and they will follow their process on race weekend.

All messaging will be turned off server side until Avon Descent Race Weekend. The app will tell you this when you try and use it so knock yourself out. Once race weekend is upon us, then I will turn on the SMS messaging as this does cost me.


Please Note:

  • The app will also only report when the athlete has mobile service coverage but the tracking will continue on the phone when its not in range. 
  • If there is an emergency situation and there is no coverage. The app will tell you to try and find coverage.
  • Once the app is running you can turn your screen off, it will track in the background. If you shut the app down then the tracking will stop.
  • The app is for the athlete only. Support crews just use the website. 
  • No app is required for the support crew as the website is mobile friendly. 
    • I will try and put stats on there as well. 
  • The App is also set to report every 500 meters. If you report too much, then battery life will get depleted too quickly."

Further information to follow closer to the event